March 6, 2021
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
connection of Anzali Free Zone to national railway is also very important for Russia

Managing director of Anzali Free Zone Organization in this meeting pointed out to President emphasis on acceleration regional railway project and connection of Caspian port complex to our country's railways and also referred to development plans for two ports of Anzali and Caspian which are located within this region and connection of Anzali Free Zone to national railway which will lead to the establishment of a railway connection between southern ports to this region so that this region will play important role in future of Iran-Eurasia relations especially with Russia, an issue that is being pursued according to strategy of Government of Islamic Republic.

He presented an analysis of value of trade between two countries and opportunities for expanding economic cooperation and also assessed level of these relations as unacceptable in comparison with political relations and pointed out to relations between Anzali Free Zone and Lotus Astrakhan Special Economic Zone and announces its readiness for presence of investors of Russia in the fields of port, infrastructure and port facilities in BOT form.

Mr. Rouzbehan said operation of second export Management Company in this region by presence of Russian Ambassador is a sign of serious determination of two countries for development of relations with support and cooperation of private sector unions of two countries will prepare base for development of cooperation with focus on Anzali Free Zone. The Ambassador of Russian Federation in Tehran stated that Gilan is t most beautiful and best province of Iran, which has background history in relations between two countries, especially with the Russian province of Astrakhan, and operation of export management company in region with cooperation of chambers of commerce and private sector of two countries can fill gaps in economic relations between them.


He pointed to results of development economic relations between two countries to create new opportunities for cooperation between countries of Eurasian and Caspian Sea, we are moving towards for increasing level of economic relations in various fields and are currently coordinating for presence of high-ranking officials for developing friendly relations between the two nations of Iran and Russia.


Russia ambassador emphasized that connection of Anzali Free Zone to the railway is also very important for Russia due to existing capacities in marine transaction will increase economic relations between two countries which base on possibility for more and cheaper transportation through ports of two countries.

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