March 6, 2021
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Willingness  one of China 2021/02/02
Willingness one of China's largest port and logistics infrastructure builder companies for attendance in the Caspian Port Complex

The Chinese Economic Board consisted of directors of one of the largest investment companies met with Dr. Roozbehan, managing director of Anzali free zone organization, and exchanged views on bilateral cooperation strategies.


According to this report, Dr. Mohammad Vali Roozbehan pointed to strategic and geopolitical position of this region among neighboring countries so that Anzali Free Zone was known as transit route for goods and commodities due to its location in international corridors and this organization's strategy is to attract goods in transit from current transit routes between Asia and Europe in form of north-south corridors and other transit opportunities.

He referred to activities of the Anzali Free Zone in fields of city development, industry and tourism and stated that Anzali Free Zone is known as young region since it started its operation only for few years, However, the growth rate of this region during this period has been higher than average level of country and other free zones, and many domestic and foreign investors from countries such as China, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Caspian littoral states and a number of European countries have a direct role in this regard.

Mr. Roubahan pointed to interactions between presidents of two countries so that relations between governments of two countries have provided bases for Chinese investors more, So far several Chinese companies, including Warum Group as the third largest manufacturer of anti -explosion electronic equipment in world  are active in this region and base is provided for cooperation in fields of port, civil engineering and industry between two countries in this region.


In this meeting, the head of the Chinese Economic Board pointed to willingness  of foreign investors to carry out investment projects in Anzali Free Zone, said: this region is located in a strategic point and Iran's interactions and agreements with neighboring countries outline a clear and successful vision of this region.


He pointed to important activities of his construction company in different countries and announced that we are ready to invest in different sectors in this region, and it’s clear that with more knowledge of advantages and legal and infrastructural capacities of this region amount of bilateral cooperation will increase.


It is worth mentioning that this company is one of the largest Chinese companies in the field of port and logistics infrastructure construction. During this program, its managers visited from Caspian port complex, trade and tourism phase, civil and tourism infrastructures.

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