February 23, 2019
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
With the present of senior government officials, the Aquarium project and the major industrial unit will be inaugurated next March next year.

Inauguration and the operation of 84 projects with investments of 4219 billion riyals and 30 million Euros coincided with the days of Mubarak Fajr decade.

The total employment generated by the utilization of these projects was 2234, 75 projects with investment of 2974 billion riyals and 30 million Euros with job creation of 1419 people are being opened and put into operation, Implementation of 9 projects with an investment volume of 1245 billion riyals and 815 employees will be launched. Mr. Masrour , managing director of Anzali free zone said.

The number of investment projects in the industrial zone of Anzali Free Zone announced 17 projects with investment of 900 billion riyals and employment of 332 people. Production of additives used in cosmetics, drags, rescue vehicles, various fuel types, production of elevator gears, garments, production of industrial detergents, the development line for the production of polyethylene tanks and Car diagnostic device, One of the most important areas of work and activity of industrial production units, which is officially exploited in Fajar decade.

14 non-industrial investment projects will be officially opened with domestic investment of 1875 billion riyals and foreign direct investment of 30 million Euros with a total employment of 1087 people in the Fajr decade. Hotel and Tourism Complex, Residential Complex, Residential Complex, Indoor Warehouse and Automobile Show and Repair Complex are among the most important projects, which will be provided by the private sector. And the Aquarian and large industrial units will be inaugurated by senior government officials at first of April next year.

The most important tourism project that was officially used during this decade is the Marine breakwaters. In addition, the operation of the berthing jets and recreational boats and other leisure facilities of the Marina of the region will start with constructing cost about 600 billion riyals

Total industrial and non-industrial projects utilized by the private sector in the Fajr decade include 31 projects with investment of 2,775 billion riyals and 30 million Euros and employment of 1419 people. During this time, the executive operation of 9 non-industrial investment projects with the amount of 1245 billion riyals investment with employment of 815 people The projects include a multipurpose business and office complex, a hotel and business center, an car repair and shop center, a residential and tourist complex, an indoor warehouse and a restaurant from the private sector.

Opening of the Coastal Park section C with a credit of 17.3 billion Riyals the 30-meter boulevard and the bridge of the Caspian port complex with 60 billion riyals investment and the northwest underpass intersection with a credit of 50 billion riyals are development projects which are being used by their respective organizations in this decade

He said about the opening of 20 development projects and improvement of rural environment with the credibility of more than 16 billion riyals from income of the Anzali Free Zone Organization. During this time, recreational parks, asphalt of pavements and paths, sports fields, and piping of drink water in the villages of the region will be exploited or inaugurated.

The chairman of the board of directors and director of the Anzali Free Zone Organization will be inaugurated cultural, social and tourism projects. The opening of 2 sports projects with the credit of about 1.2 billion riyals, the opening of 5 cultural projects with 3.7 billion riyals, opening of 2 tourism projects and opening of a project with a credit of 4.8 billion riyals, the opening of 10 residential units in the region's for Custodians with 1.6 billion riyals credit, The social security cover of 5 villages in the region with a credit of 550 million Riyals, and the operation of the district police station with a credit of 2.5 billion riyals.

Mr. Masrour said about the opening of five IT projects with credibility of about 41.4 billion riyals from revenue of this organization and the private sector during decade of Faj. 4 projects of information and communication technology with the credit of about 1.4 billion riyals from incomes of the organization officially opened; on the other hand, the first phase of the fiber optic ring of the region will be opened and exploited by the private sector with an investment volume of 40 billion riyals.

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