September 23, 2021
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
With establishment of joint Russian-Indian-Iranian company and conclusion of protocol, collaborations are expanding through north-south corridor

This meeting was attended by port and economic deputies of the organization and also two parties agreed to hold working meetings in near future.

The managing director of Lotus, Astrakhan Special Economic Zone Organization also congratulated Mr. Naghavi appointment as the head of the organization by stating that according to the instructions of the Russian government in near future he will be  representative of his government in the North-South project , so with  operation of new port by next year their existing capacities will increase,  at the same time we welcome  to establishment and development of commercial offshore lines with presence of private sector companies.

He said development of relations through North-South corridor in cooperation with the Chabahar Free Zone Organization by holding joint meetings with the Indian and Russian sides is another plan of his respective organization is to promote trade exchanges. On the other hand, using the transit capacities of Anzali and Caspian ports to supply the goods needed by Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union member states by  relying on the ability of ambassadors of member countries and trade partners of Russia and Iran has priority in agenda of   Anzali Free Zone Organization.

The head of the Anzali Free Zone Organization in this video conference pointed to the Iranian President's emphasis on accelerating operation process for connecting this region to national railway by the spring of next year through cooperation with Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, plan and Budget Organization, Secretariat of the Supreme Council, Gilan Governorate and Anzali Free Zone Organization and also accelerate construction of pier in Caspian port complex, creating sea line with the port of Aktau, Kazakhstan, construction of  refrigerator and construction of all weather pier  and speeding up construction process of the railway  is on agenda .


Mr.Seyed Mehdi Naghavi, head of the Anzali Free Zone Organization had a video conference with Sergei Miloshkin, Managing director of the Lotus, Astrakhan Special Zone and discussed about process of developing relations through the North-South corridor and the Eurasian Economic Union.


He said that the relations of Lotus Special Zone with Anzali free zone is a successful model of regional cooperation in Russia, in order to facilitate and accelerate development of relations in the North-South and Eurasia corridors we should focus and expand our activities by establishing a joint Russian, Indian, Iranian company and joint venture and concluding cooperation protocol.

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