September 23, 2021
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
The value of exports and re-exports of Anzali Free Zone in 2020 exceeded $ 188 million,

Mr. Ali Osat Akbari Moghaddam, Chairman of the board and managing directors of organization, stated that during the 12 months of last year, total exports resulting from production and re-export of the Anzali Free Zone amounted to $ 188.7 million in 2020, value of manufactured products exported by the industrial units of the region was $ 19.8 million, most of which consisted of cellulosic and chemical goods and industrial equipment.


He pointed out that during 2020, re-export of goods in the Anzali Free Zone increased to $ 168.9 million, Chemical products, wood, industrial machinery and agricultural products have largest share in region's export basket.


Value of manufactured goods exported to domestic markets of the country during this period was about 209 million dollars said Mr. Osat.

In this regard, during 12 months of 2020, over 15 production-industrial units in this region were inaugurated or their development plan was put into operation, during the last six years, organization has provided consulting services, removing financial and legal barriers from production activities which has led to exit of 70 industrial units in this region from recession and returning to their production cycle.


In order to provide more support and remove obstacles facing producers operating in Anzali Free Zone process of attracting investors and starting construction of third industrial state of Anzali Free Zone has been underway since last winter, a town located in back of  Caspian port complex and adjacent to national railway line, industrial area of this region will increase from about 61 hectares to 110 hectares and number of production units in  region will increase from 148 units to about 350 units.

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