September 23, 2021
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Investment of aviation industry companies in Anzali free zone

Second Brigadier General Khajeh Fard, Chairman of Aviation Industries Organization of the Armed Forces and Deputy of Defense Minister met with Engineer Akbari Moghadam, Chairman and managing director of Anzali Free Zone Organization and discussed about development of bilateral cooperation and prepare bases for aviation industry investor.


According to this report managing director of Anzali Free Zone Organization pointed to multiple activities of Anzali Free Zone in the fields of economy, trade and tourism stated that infrastructures has been created in railway and road section can be used by aviation industry in field of tourism and trade and make Free Zone and Gilan Province more prominent.


She further referred to technology exchange between the Anzali Free Zone and the Caspian littoral countries stated that in training, production and design of parts and development of transportation infrastructures with participation of Aviation Industry Organization and Anzali Free Zone, we can take advantages of private sector and neighboring countries capacities. This organization will provide necessary benefits and legal support to investors of aviation industry.


The Aviation Industry Organization as custodian of aviation industry in country tries to use existing infrastructure and capacities in country with support of private sector in the fields of commercial, industrial and combined transportation industries. To provide appropriate services to tourists and businessmen.


He said free and special economic zones especially Anzali free zone have good potential for development of aviation industry and presence of investors in this industry due to geographical location and good relation with neighboring countries, we hope to see growth of aviation industry in Anzali Free Zone by implementing development plans.


They discussed about production of submarine aircraft in Anzali free zone, establishment of aviation industry office, introduction of legal advantages and potentials of Anzali free zone to private sector activists in this field and conclusion of a memorandum of cooperation.

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