June 28, 2022
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Development of transit and logistics cooperation of Caspian port complex with ports of Kazakhstan 2022/05/28
Development of transit and logistics cooperation of Caspian port complex with ports of Kazakhstan

In order to develop cooperation of the Caspian Port Complex with the ports of Oktao and Kurik in Kazakhstan and development of the container transport line between ports of Anzali Free Zone and the ports of Kazakhstan and facilitate trade through corridors of China, Kazakhstan, Iran and increase of transit of goods and trade between two countries, trade delegation entered Anzali Free Zone from Kazakhstan and visited port infrastructures such as piers, reservoirs, silos and warehouses of Caspian port complex, exhibition center and discussed about latest measures of the Anzali Free Zone Organization in developing cooperation with focus on Anzali Free Zone.


Mr. Amin Ofoghi , deputy of Caspian port explained about discussed issues of Joint Commission of two countries and previous agreements between the two ports of Aktau and the Caspian Sea and creation of competitive advantages for development of trade relations, in regard to key role of Kazakhstan in the One Belt - One Road project of Chinese government and due to development of logistics infrastructure in these two ports by the Kazakh government caused Anzali Free Zone Organization has taken several measures and this region has put several measures on the agenda to expand railway and logistics infrastructure in Caspian port which is a third generation port adjacent to Anzali port and complementary role of this long-standing port to develop trade in the Caspian Sea.

 Secretary of Organization's Logistics Council referred to operation of the China-Kazakhstan-Caspian port corridor said Since 2018 organization has exported or imported more than 12,000 TEU containers to China using combined transportation via Kazakhstan ports by connection of the rail to Caspian port and completion of the wharf trade exchange and transit of goods through this route will increase significantly.


Vahid Talebpour, Deputy of Economy and Investment of Anzali Free Zone Organization pointed to advantages of this region of investment, issuance of licenses and registration of foreign companies, 160 active production companies, construction plan of third industrial estate and connection of Caspian port complex to national railway line and key role of this region in Iran's trade relations with countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, not only pave way for connecting southern shores of the Persian Gulf to Caspian Sea, but also by completing infrastructure of the North-South corridor. The Anzali Free Zone becomes a hub for transit, production relations between the countries of South and West Asia and Eurasia.


Due to geographical location of this region, Anzali Free Zone is gateway to Iran and can be used in various fields of agricultural processing of agricultural, livestock and fish products, industrial products along with holding joint exhibitions between two countries and members of the Eurasian Economic Union and the Caspian littoral countries and also are evaluated as most important areas of bilateral cooperation of largest economic enterprise in northern Iran with Kazakhstan and regional economies.


It is worth mentioning that Kazakhstani delegation visited from industry and trade section of Anzali Free Zone and available capacities, conference and exhibition center complex to hold joint exhibitions and investments projects.

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