June 28, 2022
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Establishment of Coordination Council of Iran Free Zones and Russian Special Economic Zones 2022/06/22
Establishment of Coordination Council of Iran Free Zones and Russian Special Economic Zones

Sergei Miloshkin,Managing director of Lotus Astrakhan Special Economic Zone of Russia, along with her deputies and several investors in region met with Mr. Ali osat Akbari Moghadam, Chairman of this organization, and visited different parts of Caspian port complex, trade and tourism phase of the organization and got acquainted with the facilities and infrastructure created in recent years.


In this meeting, Mr. Moghaddam talked about importance role of Lotus and Anzali Free Zone in expanding relations between two countries, announced capacity of two ports of Anzali and Caspian, which are operating in the area, 19 berths and 11 million tons per year by stating that development of transportation and transit infrastructure is one of the most important strategies of Government of the Islamic Republic in Gilan province and Anzali free zone, in form of adding 6 new wharf posts to these two port complexes so capacity of goods transfer will increase to 15 million tons.

He pointed to acceleration in construction of railway of Anzali Free Zone to the national railway and new opportunities that will arise through the connection of the Caspian Sea ports to the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea ports for international transit and proposed investment of Iranian and Russian private sectors in ports of both sides, Construction of piers, silos and public warehouses, liquid storage tanks and cold storage in Caspian port and Astrakhan ports as BOT; holding joint meeting of investors of two countries in order to get acquainted with cooperation capacities of two sides; establishment of Coordination Council of Free Zones of Iran and the Russian Special Economic Zones which are located in the north-south corridor, holding an exhibition of capabilities of the Caspian Sea ports can be put on the agenda as the most important issues for development of bilateral cooperation in development of economic relations between two countries.


Managing Director of Lotus Special Economic Zone explained about position of Anzali Free Zone as a gateway to Iran and the most important axis of the north-south corridor, and pointed to firm determination of the Russian Federal Government to develop relations between two countries in various fields, especially transit and transportation cooperation and the transit of goods with India is being done by Russian government so first phase of these two projects will be ready for operation and by the end of 2023.

He emphasized on importance of cooperating with the Caspian port to develop port’s infrastructure and activities so this new port has received special attention, so that Russian private section investment in construction of Caspian port and Russian docks was among programs of future joint economic commission of two countries and welcomed other proposals offered by Anzali Free Zone Organization managing director.


It is worth mentioning that during this visit were also present,port and economic deputies and managers of Anzali Free Zone Organization.

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