December 4, 2022
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Feasibility of cooperation and joint venture in the Eurasian Economic Union 2022/09/11
Feasibility of cooperation and joint venture in the Eurasian Economic Union

With arrival of economic and customs delegation of Belarus to Anzali Free Zone, they met and talked with the deputies and managers of this Organization and visited Caspian port complex and industrial units of this organization.

According to this report, this meeting was held by attendance, Vahid Talebpour, deputy of Economic and Investment, Amin Ofoghi, deputy of Ports and Caspian Sea affairs , and Mehdi Kazemian, Manager of Public Relations and International Affairs and other managers of this organization, with Artsimyev, Deputy of General Director of Customs Control in the Belarusian Customs Committee, Matsevsky, Deputy of Director General of the International Economic Activities Agency (under the supervision of the Belarusian Cabinet of Ministers), and Khodin, Counselor of Belarusian Embassy in Iran.

In this meeting, deputies of Anzali Free Zone emphasized on joint investment in industry, import and export, transit of goods, as well as increase and development of port and logistics infrastructure.

Anzali Free Zone has succeeded in increase of relations with countries of the Eurasian region, both in export of its manufactured and domestic industry products.

Due to capability of Belarus in forest wood processing and raw wood production, there is this preparation in several wood industry production units of Anzali Azad Zone to cooperate with Belarus in processing and exporting wood and cellulose products to neighboring countries through joint venture. And also Anzali Free Zone has competitive advantage in garment industry so there are more than 20 production units operating in this sector and they are willing to export their products to Belarus. For operation of Belarusian companies in the region we are ready to cooperate in company registration department, issuing licenses and importing machinery and raw materials for construction of a production unit. Said Mr.Talebpoor deputy of economic and investment.


Mr. Ofoghi deputy of Caspian Sea and port affaires pointed to commonalities of two countries in taking advantages of Eurasian Economic Union, construction of third industrial estate to increase presence of investors, emphasized on support of knowledge-based, innovative and technical companies and implement of provisions of  customs cooperation agreement between our country and the Eurasian Economic Union, speeding up national plan to connect Anzali Free Zone to the national railway is on agenda which will connect Caspian port to southern ports of country and completed infrastructures including development of the Caspian port, arrival of ro-ro ships, increase of capacity of warehouses and silos of basic goods.


the Belarusian delegation visited the port, industrial and tourism infrastructures of Anzali Free Zone.

The proximity of Anzali Free Zone to capital, mild climate, as well as easy process of company registration and investment along with appropriate capacities and infrastructures were among significant points expressed by Belarusian delegation which has increased their desire to invest in the first free zone in north of country.

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