December 4, 2022
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Cooperation for supplement of raw materials and export to Eurasian market

Issa Farhadi, chairman of the board of directors and managing director of organization, met with Mehdi Khatibi, managing director of Iran Khodro Group, and discussed and exchanged opinions regarding the development of bilateral cooperation.

Mr.Farhadi by presenting comparative analysis of capacities and opportunities available in his respective region, especially in transportation with presence two ports of Anzali and Caspian within the region, being in the international transit routes of goods and diverse capabilities in tourism due to proximity to densely populated areas of country by stating that unique advantage of the Anzali Free Zone is an opportunity to connect to markets of the Eurasian Economic Union, by focus on Russia and Kazakhstan through two corridors of North-South, and China-Kazakhstan-Iran, and various bilateral and multilateral cooperation agreements with aforementioned countries in order to reduce production costs, and the import of basic goods for use of economic actors and domestic producers which has been activated or created by this organization.

He pointed to great interest of the Russian government and investors to expand cooperation with Iranian side and supply of raw materials for our country's industrial factories through China and Kazakhstan by emphasizing firm determination of statesmen of Iran and Russia to further bilateral and multilateral economic relations. By connecting this region to national railway, we will witness of increase and acceleration of transporting goods between markets of China and West Asia, Eurasia and south of Persian Gulf and India, an issue that is on organization's agenda as national priority, and therefore expanding cooperation with prominent car manufacturing companies in the country in order to support national productions for support of national productions both in the form of reducing production costs and in the form of exports to regional markets is basic strategy of the Anzali Free Zone Organization.

The CEO of Iran Khodro group welcomed proposals made by CEO of Anzali Free Zone Organization and expressed himself familiar with capacities of this zone and said, Anzali Free Zone in addition to its tourist attractions, climate and proximity to country's capital has wonderful location in relation to countries on shores of Caspian Sea and Eurasia. In addition to attractions of tourism, climate and proximity to country's capital, Anzali Free Zone enjoys a wonderful position in relation to the countries of Caspian Sea and Eurasia, therefore, should be on agenda using the capacities and opportunities of transit and export of that region.

He said about agreements between group under her management with Russian companies for the export of light and heavy cars along with sale of car parts, so it is possible to cooperate with Anzali Free Zone in supplying raw materials from China and exporting manufactured products to the Russian and Eurasian markets.

It should be mentioned that on sidelines of this meeting CEO of the Free Zone Organization, Anzali, met with Mehdi Dadashi Zainuddin, vice- deputy of Iran Khodro who is responsible for implementation of agreements made with this organization and held specialized meeting about supplying raw materials and parts and expanding cooperation between them.

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