December 4, 2022
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Investment in Anzali Free Zone increased by 26% 2022/11/21
Investment in Anzali Free Zone increased by 26%

Eisa farhadi ,Managing Directore of Anzali Free zone said, Since this year, 22,920 billion Iranian Rials have been invested in this region, which is 26% increase compared to same period last year.

This amount of investment in 2021was 18 thousand 234 billion Rials.

The managing director of Anzali Free Zone Organization further announced growth of 139 percent of re-exports in this region, during past months, 274.1 million dollars were re-exported from Anzali Free Zone, while this amount was 114.66 million dollars compared to same period last year.


Mr. Farhadi announced during this period, 50 companies were registered in this region, which is 19% increase compared to the previous year when 42 companies were registered.


This year, 1,290 economic activity licenses have been issued, which has increased by 26.2% compared to last year's 1,222 licenses.


In 1400, export of Anzali Free Zone was 9.32 million dollars and this zone was able to achieve a growth of 37% in this area.


Since beginning of this year, 159.9 million dollars have been exported to mainland in Anzali Free Zone, which is 130.3 million dollars in same period of previous year with growth of 23%.

 This year, 186.64 million dollars were exported from Anzali Free Zone, which compared to 100.12 million dollars in 1400, this has grown by 86.4%.

257% increase in cargo loading from Caspian port, So far, 32,940 tons of goods have been loaded from the Caspian port, while this figure was equal to 9,212 tons in 2021.


Also, 204,706 tons of goods were unloaded in Caspian port, which shows an increase of 27.7%. The number of incoming ships was 75, which has increased by 19% compared to 2021 and the arrival of 63 ships.


He pointed to 92.8% increase in number of ships exported from the Caspian port, since beginning of this year, 27 ships have exported goods from Caspian port, and during this period, 166 TEU containers have entered Caspian port and 712 TEU containers have been exported from this port, which has growth of 52.6 and 198 percent, respectively.

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