September 25, 2023
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Maysam mohammad nejhad was appointed as the deputy of ports and Caspian sea of Anzali free zone. 2023/09/23
The opening of the CIFIT China International Exhibition by presence of the Free Zones of the Islamic Republic of Iran 2023/09/19
A memorandum of cooperation is concluded between free zones of Iran and Fujian province 2023/09/18
Two memorandums of understanding with production companies and the presence of intelligent robots in Anzali Free Zone booth 2023/09/17
Three economic cooperation agreements with worth more than 26 million dollars in the public sector and 4 sales contracts worth more than 50 billion Tomans in the private sector 2023/08/29
Signing of 10 memorandum of understanding of Anzali Free Zone Organization in Sulaymaniyah International Tourism Exhibition 2023/08/28
The visit of the Minister of Economy of Armenia from booth of the Anzali Free Zone Organization in exhibition of investment and export capabilities of the country's free and special economic zones in Yerevan 2023/08/26
Acquaintance of the professors of Peking University in China with capacities of the Anzali Free Zone with transit and international investment 2023/08/26
Introducing investment packages of free zones of the Islamic Republic of Iran in economic event of Yerevan, Armenia 2023/08/26
Consultation of Anzali Free Zone Organization managers with Iranian business centers 2023/08/23
The readiness of Anzali Free Zone to play a central role in expansion of Eurasian and Caspian Sea regional cooperation 2023/08/23
Supplying basic goods of the country is on agenda of Anzali Free Zone 2023/08/01
Signing a memorandum of understanding on development and strengthening of transit infrastructure in Anzali Free Zone 2023/07/23
Trade exchanges between Iran and Tajikistan have reached 240 million dollars 2023/07/19
Introduction of 100 investment projects of Anzali Free Zone (Kimia) in the second exhibition of free and special economic zones of country in Mashhad. 2023/07/19
Regular container shipping line (liner) between Caspian port and Aktau port of Kazakhstan was launched. 2023/07/15
New appointments in Anzali Free Zone Organization 2023/07/15
Afghanistan's investment of 50 million dollars in the Caspian port complex. 2023/07/15
With diligent follow-up of the Secretariat of the Supreme Council of Free and Special Economic Zones, was determined issue of allocation of currency of producers of free and special economic zones . 2023/06/25
Attracting participation of members of country's chambers of commerce and foreign parties to cooperate in construction covered wharf, 2023/06/19
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