September 25, 2023
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Advantages and incentives for import of goods via Anzali Free Zone’s customs.

- According to approval of the Council of Ministers, All goods that have a commercial benefit, if be cleared through Anzali Free Zone customs, 15 percent of Commercial benefit can be collected by free zones as its tolls, these tolls could be reduced as agreed with the owners of goods based on the shipping point and the value and type of goods, so this off cab be considerable for merchants and businessman and could have benefits and Economic justification.

2-Three months free warehouse for goods that entered to Anzali free zone Customs warehouse as container

3- Obtaining a bank guarantee from share of organization charge for 3 to 5 months

4-Taking advantages of exemption on VAT in clearance time equivalent to 15% commercial benefit of Anzali.F.Z organization is taken by customs.

5. Easy access to a variety of vehicles, including trailers and trucks for transportation of goods and freight containers from Anzali to different parts of the country.

6-Possibility for using international transit & TIR Carnet to transportation of goods to Golshan and Anzali Customs

7- Presence of Standard representative in the region to facilitate and expedite standard operations

8. There is possibility for taking advantage of organization toll discount at clearance time even after delivering clearance documents without the process of collecting and refunding.

9- Cooperation and collaboration with businessmen for removing the possible obstacles and difficulties by the customs and marketing organization staffs.

10-facilitate and accelerate clearance of goods by customs and no abandoned goods.

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