September 25, 2023
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Caspian Port Complex


Under construction Caspian Port Complex

Caspian port is located on south-north corridor called Nostrac. Nostrac is mentioned as Twenty First transportation corridor between Europe-Asia that connects Helsinki harbor at Finland and north of Europe via Russia to north and south harbors of Caspian sea , Persian Gulf harbors and then to India and east and south Asia harbors.


This port is intended to be third generation type with modern technology and maritime utilities system and also with wide surrounding area that could provide logistic services such as warehousing, processing and distribution of goods and products, establishing and expanding of maritime industries like shipbuilding and other activities that could bring added values to products.


Port main characteristics:

1-BasinArea:                                                     2,000,000 m2

2-      Land Side Area:                                              1,200,000 m2

3-      Eastern leg of Breakwater:                             2612 m

4-      Western leg of Breakwater:                            2635 m

5-      Width of Port:                                                 2625 m

6-      Port entrance width:                                       240 m

7-      Berthing Posts:                                                22 posts

8-      Port Depth:                                                     10 m

9-      Design Vessel:                                                12,000 DWT

10- Port Capacity:                                                             15 Million Tons/Year

Port Facilities:

1-      Offices

2-      Buildings

3-      Warehouses

4-      Stock Yards

5-      Liquid Bulk zone

6-      Dry Bulk zone

7-      Container zone

8-      Oil Zone

9-      Industrial zone

10- Parking Area

11- Passenger terminal

12- Railway and chanting yard


Transportation Facilities


 A- Railroad

B- Highway

C- Airway Transportation

Various Terminals of Caspian Port Complex


A: Commercial Terminals:



Following terminal have been considered for this purpose:


·       Container terminal

·       Multi-purpose terminal

·       General cargo terminal

·       Grains terminal

B- Oil Terminal:

C-Ro-Ro Railroad berth

D- Maritime industries terminal:

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