September 25, 2023
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Required Documents for Registration of Company or Non-Commercial Institutes.
Ø Work permit issued by Anzali free Zone organization

Ø Name and title of company should be confirmed by registration department of Anzali Free Zone.

Ø Copy of ID card or passport for (foreign people), owners, founders, promoters, shareholder directors and inspectors

v Power of Attorney

If the registration of company is being done by an attorney, power of attorney should be submitted to the registration authority of AFZ

Ø 5. Providing general journal and general ledger of company with sequence number and special string.

Ø If the shareholder or partner of the company have a legal entity and Iranian nationality, according to Article 589 of the Business Act should provide information about type of participation and the amount of capital of the company.

Amounts of capital and type of participation should be specified.

One person should be introduces as representative of company for attending either in general or Board of Directors meetings. One copy of company representative ID card should be provided.

Foresaid bill should be signed by authorized people of company and to be sealed by seal of company, then a copy of company’s article of association along with last changes of authorized people for signature should be attached to the bill.

Ø If the shareholders or partners of the company have a legal entity and foreign nationality should provide following documents.

Providing approved bill of the board of directors about the amounts of capital and type of participation and also introduce a person as representative for attending either in general or Board of Directors meetings and authorized people should sign this bill and seal it by company seal.
Providing valid registration certificate of company issued by registration department of fellow country.
One copy of Article of association should be provided.
One copy of passport of the company representative should be provided.
The minutes of the board of directors and the registration certificate should be signed and sealed by authorized people, then should be verified by Iran embassy in the fellow country and by Iran’s ministry of foreign affairs finally.
All documents should be translated to Persian language by official translator.

Ø Providing original and copy of property ownership document of head office and also location of office inside Anzali free zone (lease agreement should be provided if the head office is in lease.)
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