September 25, 2023
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Cooperation and exchange of goods between Iran and Russia has clear horizon 2022/11/19
Cooperation and exchange of goods between Iran and Russia has clear horizon
The head of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tomsk province of Russia, saying that we are very hopeful for future of relations between Iran and Russia, There are good companies in field of logistics in Iran and Russia, and there is a clear horizon ahead of us for continued cooperation and exchange of goods.

Maxim Kastarov at head of a ten-person delegation on Thursday at a meeting on development of trade exchanges between Iran and Russia, which was held in the Anzali Free Zone between the directors of these organization and the Russian trade delegation. He mentioned results of his 2-day meetings in this province as good and path-breaking, There was a heavy exchange of ideas between Iranian and Russian businessmen and more than 100 Russian participants found their Iranian counterparts.

 In addition to businessmen present in these meetings, the heads of chambers of commerce of Russian provinces also participated in these talks. In the Tomsk region, more than 500 employers and companies are ready to cooperate with Iran, this region has good potential in wood, oil and petrochemical industries, and the Islamic Republic of Iran is considered one of the good and capable partners of Russia.

Castaroff stated that this region is located in the Siberian part and in addition to commercial capacities, it has good scientific centers in this region, there are about 17 institutes and academies in this region that are active in technology and knowledge, and we are ready to accept Iranian students in the research and technical field.

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