September 25, 2023
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Three economic cooperation agreements with worth more than 26 million dollars in the public sector and 4 sales contracts worth more than 50 billion Tomans in the private sector

In line with implementation of the strategy of participation in international events and exhibitions by the Secretariat of the Supreme Council in order to introduce capacities and investment opportunities of the free and special economic zones of the country; This organization, accompanied by three production-industrial and investment units, which had a suitable capacity to be present in Armenian market, participated in the special exhibition of free and special economic zones of Iran, which was hosted by Yerevan.

The high-ranking delegation of the Anzali Free Zone Organization, which was chaired by head of the organization and accompanied by deputy economic and port officials and director of public relations and international affairs, and participation of three production-export and investment companies of the region, who attended the exhibition, succeeded in concluding three memorandums of understanding and agreement negotiations. Economic cooperation worth more than 26 million dollars by the organization and 4 sales contracts worth more than 50 billion Tomans of private sector.

Therefore, the Anzali Free Zone Organization cooperation signed agreements concluded with one of the companies operating the Moghri Free Zone of Armenia to build a warehouse and a cold storage area for the export and re-export of goods from the region worth 5 million dollars and an Armenian company active in production and export of agricultural products to Russia for construction of docks and backyard worth 16 million dollars and finally with a German-Armenian company active in the production of industrial machinery worth about 5 million dollars that the total value of these memorandum understandings has exceeded 26 million dollars.

One of the interesting points of the exhibition was presentation of investment packages and export capabilities of free and special economic zones and presence of the Minister of Economy of Armenia, Vahan Karobian, in Anzali Free Zone booth, and presence more than hundred Armenian and non-Armenian groups at the booth of this zone organization and getting familiar with Various investment opportunities and capacity.

Therefore, was presented in this exhibition, the investment book "Kimiya" containing one hundred feasible investment plans, in the fields of production-industrial, port, logistics, commercial, service, tourism and entertainment in Russian-Armenian language

It should be mentioned that the exhibition of investment packages and export capabilities of free and special economic zones was held from the 25rd to the 27th of August with the presence of 60 private sector companies active in construction, metal, auto parts, household appliances, detergents, cosmetics, food, products Refinery and chemicals, clothing, bags and shoes, providing medical and tourism services from the free zones as well as the seven free zones of the country and the secretariat of the Supreme Council of Free Zones in the capital of Armenia and at the Yerevan Expo Exhibition Center.

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