September 25, 2023
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
A memorandum of cooperation is concluded between free zones of Iran and Fujian province

According to report of public relations and international affairs management of the Anzali Free Zone Organization, the high-ranking economic delegation of this region headed by Akbar Niazi, and accompanied by Vahid Talebpour, the vice –deputy of economics, at the 23rd Investment and Trade Exhibition (CIFIT) which was attended by 5000 companies More than 100 countries of the world took part in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China.

In the course of this event, where Iran's free zones have jointly participated in the Iran pavilion, Anzali's book on investing in the free zone, which contains 100 investment opportunity packages as the first free zone in the north of Iran was presented to Chinese investors and other countries. at the China Investment and Trade Fair (CIFIT), which is known as one of the largest specialized events in this field.

One of the interesting points of this exhibition was the presence of Zhu Zhang, one of the senior managers of Fujian Province, China in the pavilion of the Islamic Republic, and a meeting with the secretary of the Supreme Council and managing directors of Iran's Free Zones. According to an agreements, Akbar Niazi, the head of the organization on behalf of the Free and Special Economic Zones of country toke responsibility of drafting a memorandum of cooperation with China's Fujian province in the form of sisterhood.

Therefore, with the arrangement and agreement of both parties, cooperation document between Iran's free and special economic zones and Fujian province's free zones was signed by officials of two countries.

Therefore, according to report of head of the Chamber of Commerce of Xiamen and the private sector managers of private companies in China and other countries present at the exhibition, by attending in organization's booth, they got familiar to opportunities, advantages and capacities of investment in the Anzali Free Zone.

It should be mentioned that in this economic event, which was held from 08 th to 11th of Shahrivar, the investment packages and existing platforms of free and special economic zones of Iran will be introduced to investors, business owners and visitors in booth 416C of the Xiamen Exhibition.


It should be noted that previously in framework of new exhibition strategy of the Supreme Council of Free and Special Economic Zones of the country, the investment opportunities of the regions were presented in Tehran, Mashhad, Sulaymaniyah and Yerevan exhibitions.

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